Wed 19

11:00 AM


11:00AM - 12:00PM (1 hr)

12:00 PM


12:00PM - 3:00PM (3 hrs)

Join us for a half day of learning as we cover everything from what blockchain is to where is it going -- what your future looks like with this technology in business. This program will serve as the perfect standalone course, or an introduction to the Second Annual Nexus Conference. Sign up today and let us show you how blockchain will unlock the future.
3:00 PM


3:00PM - 3:20PM (20 mins)

3:20 PM


President & CEO of GPEC
3:20PM - 3:40PM (20 mins)

The Future of Blockchain in Greater Phoenix
Greater Phoenix is a prime innovation hub for blockchain-based technologies. The region boasts a unique combination of world-class talent, a forward-thinking regulatory environment and an ecosystem that allows blockchain-based companies to grow and scale locally and nationally. Chris Camacho, President and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council, will discuss the region’s unique position as a leading environment for blockchain technology.
3:40 PM


3:40PM - 4:00PM (20 mins)

How Blockchain is already chainging the music industry
Demonstration of how artists are using blockchain today
4:00 PM


CEO of theONswitch & Contributor for Inc. Magazine


Award-Winning Martech Innovator/Growth Expert
4:00PM - 4:40PM (40 mins)

7 Things Women in Tech Need to Know...and Men Need to Know About Women in Tech /
Diversity in technology. Sounds simple, but how do we get there? Nancy A. Shenker, a fintech pioneer former C-level executive and founder and Jim D'Arcangelo, a technology marketing leader with a 20-year track record of building high-growth diverse teams will talk about about the issues and, more importantly, the SOLUTIONS. This fun, frank, provocative, and interactive session will help shape our industry's future.
4:40 PM


CEO Fabcom
4:40PM - 5:00PM (20 mins)

Distributed Customer Experiences
The convergence of blockchain technology and marketing strategy is upon us. Today's customers are demanding and have huge expectations. The future of blockchain-based customers experiences and dynamic AI will be amazing. The promise of optimized distributed customer experiences is just over the horizon.
5:00 PM


5:00PM - 5:05PM (5 mins)

Humanitarian Efforts in Africa
7:30 PM


7:30PM - 9:30PM (2 hrs)

Grand Ballroom


Thu 20

08:00 AM


8:00AM - 8:30AM (30 mins)

08:30 AM


Nexus Embassy Board of Directors
8:30AM - 8:40AM (10 mins)

08:40 AM


Editor in Chief at WIRED
8:40AM - 9:25AM (45 mins)

The Optimistic Technologist and Blockchain
Good design and the highest values can help ensure the digital revolution remains at the service of human beings. “Technology and science continue to make the world a better place,”
09:25 AM


Arizona State Representative
9:25AM - 9:50AM (25 mins)

Government - Get the Hell out of the way
Arizona is working to create the most friendly regulatory environment for blockchain to thrive and grow. Representative Jeff Weninger will highlight the legislative successes that make Arizona one of the most blockchain friendly states and share ideas for future blockchain legislation.
09:50 AM


Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems
9:50AM - 10:20AM (30 mins)

Introduction to LISP - Networking primer for blockchain enablement
In this brief primer, we will explore some network connectivity fundamentals and introduce LISP overlays to the audience. The talk will focus on the salient characteristics of overlay networks and in particular the attributes of LISP that offer a blockchain the ideal connectivity environment to enhance performance and security.
10:20 AM


10:20AM - 10:35AM (15 mins)

10:35 AM


Founder of & Former cisco Fellow
10:35AM - 11:20AM (45 mins)

A Network for Crypto / LISP integration with Nexus
“A Network for Crypto” will show you the vision and architecture of a high performance scalable and secure network that crypto-currencies run over. The architecture presented will show how LISP at the Network Layer and Nexus at the Application Layer become one cohesive and efficient system to allow more secure and fast token and contract transactions. And finally, the vision and architecture will be shown with running code by offering 3 distinct demos of the network functionality.
11:20 AM


Founder & Chief Software Architect at Nexus
11:20AM - 12:05AM (45 mins)

12:05 PM


12:05PM - 12:50PM (45 mins)

12:50 PM


Actor in Marvel Comics, Venom & Director


Founder & CEO of Mully Children's Family
12:50PM - 1:30PM (40 mins)

Building The World's Largest Family & Self Sustaining Community
Mully Movie is a story of a great African hero, Dr. Charles Mulli, an orphan who lived a beggary life and through hard work and faith in God became a Millionaire. Reflecting back on his life, he was not satisfied, he dedicated his entire life to saving and caring for orphans and other neglected children. Over the last 28 years since the inception of Mully Children’s Family which is the largest family in the world, Dr. Charles has positively transformed the lives of over 12,000 children who were once hopeless and built a self sustaining community. Scott Haze interviews Mully about the Mully foundation, how Nexus's is supporting their mission.
01:30 PM


CEO & Co-Founder of Vector
1:30PM - 2:05PM (35 mins)

From Nation State Space to New Space - An Example For Crypto Currency Disruption
Space was once the sole domain of nation states but a new space race is now underway fueled by entrepreneurs, disruptive technology and an economic imperative driving it forward. This combination of anti-establishment thinking, evolving technology, continued innovation and larger societal forces have combined to make this the most exciting era of space exploration yet. This revolution has been underway for more than 40 years and its story offers some interesting and potentially useful parallels to the development of crypto currency and its eventual adoption in the economy at large. This talk traces the transformation of nation state space to capitalistic space and uses this story as a proxy for the same revolution crypto currency is bringing to nation state dominated currencies and ponders the future of crypto based on this experience.
02:05 PM


Co-Founder of SpaceChain & Co-Founder of Bloq Inc. & Bitcoin Core Developer
2:05PM - 2:35PM (30 mins)

Lessons Learned from 40 Years on Earth
A talk about lessons learned and experience gained from blockchain, open source, and space.
02:35 PM


Jim Cantrell, Colin Cantrell, Jeff Garzik, Phil Swazey
2:35PM - 3:05PM (40 mins)

03:05 PM


3:05PM - 3:20PM (15 mins)

03:20 PM


Partner & Chief Revenue Officer, Bloq
03:20PM - 3:40PM (20 mins)

The Rise of Token Economies
Virtual goods have a very brief history that began with closed system in-game currencies and have evolved to decentralized networks of cryptographically secure and scarce tokens with burgeoning communities, aligned stakeholder interests and transparency. Take a monetary journey back in time when ledgers emerged to the Bitcoin genesis block and well into the future of the multi-network, multi-chain, multi-token future.
03:40 PM

Richard Levin

Shareholder and Chair of Polsinelli’s FinTech and Regulation Practice

Phillip P. Guttilla

Shareholder and Vice Chair of Polsinelli’s Corporate and Transactional Practice Group
03:40PM - 4:00PM (20 mins)

Offerings of Digital Assets/ICOs – A Legal Perspective
04:00 PM


CEO of Soundvault
04:00PM - 4:10PM (10 mins)

Protecting Artist Rights and Royalties with Blockchain
Graham Gabie, will discuss the importance for the music industry to protect artists rights and royalties online and how the use of blockchain will help create new global revenues streams.
04:10 PM


CEO of LMB Group, Creative Strategist & Brand Storyteller
4:10PM - 4:55PM (45 mins)

Building a Successful Brand in Crypto
It’s more important now, than it’s ever been before, to leverage access to new markets and trends in order to create unique opportunities and approaches to business. The relevance of your brand depends on the strength of your currency— expertise, fluency, access and thought leadership, in order to thrive in future. Add blockchain to the matrix and make sure you're prepared to tell a compelling story in the new frontier.
04:55 PM


Former Vice Chairman of Deloitte, Serial Disruptor & Best Selling Author
04:55PM - 5:40PM (45 mins)

Exponentials Disrupted
In this era of endless innovation, bestselling Author Jay Samit will explore the positive impact Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence and the other exponential technologies will have on how we live and work.


Fri 21

07:30 AM


7:30AM - 8:00AM (30 mins)

08:00 AM


Senior Advisor at MIT Digital Currency Initiative & Chairman of Coindesk Advisory Board
08:00AM - 8:45AM (45 mins)

The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything
A walk through the 7,000 history of record-keeping and its role in helping societies overcome trust challenges to build civilization. In doing so, I explain why, underneath all the distractions of price bubbles and hype, lies an incredibly powerful idea in the blockchain community: that the "shared truths" upon which people and businesses develop relationships and conduct commerce can now be determined by a decentralized consensus rather than the say-so of a centralized ledger-keeper. This offers big opportunities to significantly lower society's "cost of trust," opportunities that are rarely discussed and insufficiently recognized in all the debates over blockchain's value
08:45 AM


CEO of AgileField, Inc. and Inventor of the GDPREdge platform
08:45AM - 9:15AM (30 mins)

The Emergence of Evidentiary Computing
Over the next decade it is likely that mankind will turn much of its mundane day to day decision making over to machine intelligences. When combined with Internet of Things (IoT) and Autonomous Vehicles we are entering a world where these machine intelligences not only make simple decisions like what temperature to set the thermostat or what's the shortest distance to travel for a route but start to make decisions that control or possible even end our lives. If we are going to turn this life impacting decision making over to machines, it becomes imperative to be able to audit how these AIs are trained and to ensure that the decisions they make comply with the regulations governing their use. The demands for public, immutable, registries that allow many different stakeholders to inspect and verify machine compliance will become imperative for life in this future world. This new Evidentiary Computing model will be explored and discussed by Scott Hines, the inventor of the GDPREdge regulatory compliance platform. The largest commercial Blockchain project in existence in the world today.
09:15 AM


Elephas Ventures
09:15AM - 9:45AM (30 mins)

Here Come the Tiny Gorillas
In the future, decentralized world of applications, there may be no 800 pound gorillas like Facebook and YouTube. They will be replaced by 800 gorillas that are 1 pound each, operating across different sectors with microeconomic fairness for all participants, including audience, creators, widget providers, curators, analysts, writers, and much more.
09:45 AM

Finance Panel

Steve Beauregard, Tim Picciot and Guy Hirsch
09:45AM - 10:25AM (40 mins)

Cryptocurrency & Finance
Experts in finance discuss the current state and future of financial markets, exchanges and financial planning with crypto. Tim Picciott: Self Directed IRA’s and Crypto Estate Planning, Guy Hirsch eToro USA Managing Director mediated by Steve Beauregard Partner & Chief Revenue Officer, Bloq.
10:25 AM


Technology Blockchain Attorney and Professor at The George Washington University
10:25AM - 11:00AM (35 mins)

Current Trends in Regulation: SEC, Intellectual Property, and Security Threats
Prof. Gross will discuss current trends in regulation of the crypto/blockchain ecosystem including: recent actions and policies by the Securities Exchange Commission and other oversight authorities, intellectual property issues in patent and copyright, and threats to privacy and security on blockchain including quantum computers."
12:00 PM


(Working Group)
12:00PM - 12:40PM (40 mins)

12:45 PM


(Working Group)
12:45PM - 1:25PM (40 mins)

01:30 PM


(Working Group)
1:30PM - 2:10PM (40 mins)

02:15 PM


(Working Group)
2:15PM - 2:55PM (40 mins)

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(Working Group)
3:00PM - 3:40PM (40 mins)

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(Working Group)
3:45PM - 4:25PM (40 mins)

04:30 PM


(Working Group)
4:30PM - 5:10PM (40 mins)